PILOTS in one of the two Russian supersonic bombers intercepted near UK skies last week had started the countdown to arm a nuclear bomb, sources revealed last night. Was Russia going to Bomb UK in sneak attack , was it preparing or was it a mistake that could have caused WW 3

We wont know but thankfully it didnt happen.The discovery was made after RAF specialists analyzed a four-second signal transmitted from one of the Tupolev Tu-160 bombers, known by Nato as “Blackjacks”, in the days following Thursday’s incursion.

Analysts at RAF Boulmer, Britain’s Control and Reporting Centre, confirmed that the Russian bombers had begun the sequence to arm nuclear weapons while carrying out the incursion.

It is not the first time they have done this and comparison with a similar signal transmitted by a TU-95 “Bear” bomber revealed Russian air crew had begun the countdown during an incursion last year, as well.

The Sunday Express revealed that the bomber involved in the February 2014 incident had been carrying a submarine-busting nuclear depth charge designed to attack Britain’s Trident-carrying Vanguard submarines.

“All I can say is that we now know it related to the first stage of arming a nuclear device,” said a senior RAF source last night.

“There are several additional arming procedures which, thankfully, were not carried out.”

Last week’s air incursion, which was intercepted by Two RAF Typhoon jets, was the seventh this year by Russian forces.

RAF Boulmer, in Longhoughton. Northmberland, is the headquarters of the Air Surveillance and Control System force and the nerve centre of UK air security operations. Once a target is tracked the information is fed into the NATO network operated by the Combined Air Operations Centre at Uedem, Germany and the RAF’s Air Defence Operations Centre at Air Command, High Wycombe.

However it was only when a female analyst decoded last week’s transmission that it was realised Russia had carried out a similar exercise last year.

Aviation expert Justin Bronk, of the Royal United Services Institute think tank, said the revelation confirmed a “worrying” development in Russian strategy.

“Putin does not allow his air force to fly with cruise missiles because he is so worried about defections, but dual purpose bombs such as nuclear depth charges are a different matter. And these are designed to be a direct threat to or nuclear deterrent.

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If you think Russia is kidding”Bluffing ” think again.

Denmark has been threatened with Russia’s nuclear weapons if the Danes join the NATO missile defense shield initiative. The United States government is apparently taking such threats fairly seriously, since the Cheyenne Mountain complex was re-opened, and that bunker is only very useful in the case of a nuclear attack. Even Sweden, which technically is neither an American ally nor a NATO member, will be receiving support from the U.S. in retaliation to Vladimir Putin’s saber rattling.

Like Sweden, Finland is not a NATO member, but the country’s leadership has been strengthening its military ties to both NATO and Nordic countries. Finland’s army is currently limited to 16,000 soldiers, but if the Army Reserves are called in, this number would increase to 285,000 soldiers.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, Russian experts are recommending that Vladimir Putin use Russia’s nuclear weapons against Yellowstone’s volcano in order to make the supervolcano blow, but is that war strategy even possible
Renowned investor Psychopath, war criminal alleged pedophile ,agent of the British Crown and  Nazi war criminal George Soros is even making his own World War 3 predictions lately, claiming that WW3 between the United States and a China/Russia alliance is “no exaggeration” if China’s economy falters. Many dire remarks have been made by Vladimir Putin ever since the Ukraine crisis began, but the actions and comments made by Russian officials working in Eastern Europe have only heightened fear over time.