In what looks like a case of suicide by airplane official sources want us to belive the co-pilot of the german plane which crashed locked the cockpit door for no reason (except he is a lunatic) and crashed the plane into the alps killing himself and all the passengers . As idiotic as this sounds it is now the official story. And here it is Germanwings Co-Pilot Sought to Destroy Plane in French Crash

The co-pilot of the Germanwings flight that crashed in the French Alps, killing 150 people, appears to have deliberately initiated a fateful descent while the pilot was locked out of the cockpit, French prosecutors found.

Cockpit conversations and sounds of the last minutes of the Barcelona-Dusseldorf flight show the co-pilot took the aircraft out of cruising altitude after the captain left the cockpit and was denied re-entry, prosecutor Brice Robin said at a press conference in Marseille. The co-pilot could be heard breathing and remained otherwise silent right until the plane slammed into a mountain slope at full speed, he said.

The new findings point to a deliberate destruction of the Airbus A320 aircraft rather than a technical fault, in what is the worst aviation accident yet for Deutsche Lufthansa AG and its Germanwings low-cost subsidiary. The co-pilot was named by Robin as Andreas Lubitz, a 28 year-old German citizen. Germanwings had only identified him as a junior pilot who had logged 630 flight hours since joining the airline in late 2013.

The crash on Tuesday has mystified investigators because the plane had flown in normal daylight conditions and had undergone routine checks. The second flight recorder, which stores data parameters from the plane’s performance, has not yet been recovered from the field of debris, Robin said.