Soldiers from Cameron and Chad have killed 250 Muslim Terrorists, And killed all of the mass murdering Islamic Muslim terrorists they were sent to hunt out

As the report on Christianity daily tells us:

Cameroonian and Chadian forces say they have killed over 250 Boko Haram militants.

On Wednesday, forces from Cameroon said they killed about 50 militants in a battle at a border town between Cameroon and Nigeria. Boko Haram has been attacking northern Nigeria and had started to affect towns in Cameroon. Wednesday, Boko Haram militants fought with Cameroonian troops in the town of Fotokol. Cameroonian officials say that at least 50 militants and six soldiers were killed in the fight.

Armed forces in Chad reported to have killed at least 200 Boko Haram militants on Tuesday. State media as well as military officials confirmed the numbers. Chad’s forces attacked the Boko Haram bases of Ngara and Gambaru in northern Nigeria. They lost nine soldiers to the militants during the attack.

The regional forces of Niger, Nigeria, Chad, and Cameroon have contributed thousands of troops in order to combat the growing threat of Boko Haram. Chad is considered one of the strongest militaries in the region and has been conducting air strikes on Boko Haram territories for the past few days. Though Nigeria is no longer alone in the battle against the militant group, the country makes it clear that it will remain completely autonomous and not be influenced by the governments of its neighboring countries.

Nigeria is currently the biggest nation in Africa in both economy and population. Many of its resources come from its oil fields. Further, presidential elections will take place on February 14, and many believe that the current president, Goodluck Jonathan, will regain office. Though President Jonathan received criticism for not responding effectively to the militant threat, most of his supporters are not directly affected by the Boko Haram activities in the northern region of Nigeria. Thousands of Nigerians who live in the northern region, however, will most likely be unable to vote because of the instability and danger created by Boko Haram.

Cameroon offers 700 soldiers to Lake Chad regional force

Cameroonian Defence Minister Edgard Alain Mebe Ngo’o has said on Thursday that his country will send 700 soldiers to northeastern border to help engage the Boko Haram insurgents in the area

This will be part of a regional force to tackle armed groups in an area where Nigerian Islamist militant group Boko Haram operates.

Mebe Ngo’o mae statement at a two-day meeting in Yaounde, Cameroon’s capital, where he affirmed that the six-nation Lake Chad Basin Commission (LCBC) agreed to establish the multinational force to improve security in the lawless zone. This is in view of the infiltration by the Boko Haram militants into Cameroon’s Far-North region, which they use as a launch pad for attacks in Nigeria, has led to mounting insecurity there.
Rebels are believed to be hiding among an influx of refugees from Nigeria. full story