With many now coming out to say the french murders on the disgusting French newspaper staff was a false flag event. The real murders go on and gain in streagth and multitude and our worthless pathetic New World Order Scum leaders say and do nothing along withs its press who care nothing for real Murdered people if it is Muslims doing the Killing.  No wonder we kow they all worship at the world leader level Satan as lucifer their God of The ages.

The world will never make sense until you realize the ‘powers that be’ are all in on it together. If you’re stuck in some right/left or us/them or good guy/bad guy paradigm you’ll never get it.

No, not everyone being used by the Illuminati are aware of it. Most at the lower levels of power think they’re doing good. This is especially true about Freemasonry, which is why they try to keep a ‘clean face’ with altruistic morals and recruit some of their more popular or recognizable supposedly ‘successful’ initiates, such as movie stars and captains of industry.

However, Freemasonry has been reviled through the ages for its subversive effects on nations and society. As a result, they had to meet in secret and greet and verify each other in a clandestine language, much the way early Christians used the sign of the fish. Hence their hand sign language.

Occult? Yes. That’s exactly what that word means. Hidden. But we’re watching.

Let these pictures give you an idea of just how vast the true conspiracy really is. This should really get  you ‘wondering’.


Here is our wonderful religious leader of Russia with his deputy 

Ron Paul is a free mason as are all politicians Lucifer is the god of masonry so says albert pike in his book morals and dogma the masonic bible. Chinese president satanic Mason with bush secret handshake (or not so secret now we have the internet)

even Qaddafi

  ex ausi lesbo prime minister having a shake 

This is why the devil or satan (lucifer is his old name before he fell he stil likes to use it but it is no longer his ) is able to run the world these people are his sick slaves.


Wuddya know, a new couple with the same alliance. Israel’s Perez and Rottweiler, I mean Rat-zinger..

Billy graham the nearest thing to a Protestant american Pope said and did nothing about the satanism of th eellite but made money and pretended to be a christian.


Billy Graham and President Harry Truman. Press hard Billy, and keep that left hand right there….perfect.

How about Freemasonic Occultist Annie Bassant and Televangelist Pat Robertson, throwing ‘the devil’s claw’?

“[The Masons] are the invisible powers behind the thrones of earth, and men are but marionettes, dancing while the invisible ones pull the strings. … We see the dancer, but the master mind that does the work remains concealed by the cloak of silence.”   Manley P. Hall.

boko Haram using a quasi masonic symbol disguised as the Koran

horrific aftermath of Boko Haram massacre on Nigerian villages


The destruction caused by Islamist militants in Nigeria when they slaughtered an estimated 2,500 people, have been revealed in shocking new satellite images.

Terror group Boko Haram outraged the world last week when they indiscriminately murdered innocent men, women and children as they attacked the towns of Baga and Doron Baga.

Now, new images obtained by Amnesty International show how the towns were devastated by the assault – with more than 3,700 structures including houses and schools completely destroyed.

In the pictures taken beforehand, the areas in red show buildings and trees in the densely packed towns in the north of the country.

But in the pictures taken after the massacre, they have been decimated and the infra-red satellite images instead reveal grey areas where the militants savagely razed the towns.

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