Am i in la la land but isnt that the mass murdering African president Mugabe Africas Hitler in the picture enough said he may be just a look a like but it does just sum up the total hypocrisy and sheer bravado of these main stream actors.


 I see they even tried to make a sort of pyramid here as well.
Bilderberg insider and EU Commissioner Viviane Reding launched plans to transform the EU’s Intelligence Analysis Centre (INTCEN) into a full-blown EU superstate spy agency back in 2013.Were the Paris terror shootings a false flag? The lack of blood seen in footage of the incident, along with plenty of other, typical factors suggest as much.

What else is new?

But what is often equally telling with signature staged events, as Paris may well have been, is the political agenda to justify power that emerges in the wake of violence, bloodshed and tragedy.

You know, afterwards. When the pieces are picked up, and used to revitalize unpopular governments and their mechanisms of control.

Such is the case with the post-Charlie Hebdo world, freshly jolted into fear by “the bloodiest attack on French soil in half a century.”

‘Hebdo Demands European Intelligence Powers’

The Peninsula is reporting on calls by the Italian Prime Minister to set up a new European Union-wide intelligence agency that would establish even greater broad powers for the already undemocratic European superstate government.

Italy’s Prime Minister Matteo Renzi called Friday for the European Union to have its own intelligence agency following the bloodiest attack on French soil in half a century. “We have the common currency and we must also have a common security and intelligence system. Europe must be united against terrorism,” the premier said, according to Italian media reports. full article