By Theodore Shoebat

17,500 Germans gathered together today, singing traditional Christian songs, to carry Christian crosses as an expression of Christian supremacy, to protest against Islam, and to fight off the Islamization of Germany. They are part of a very passionate group called PEDIDA or Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the Occident, and they are here to make sure Germany remains German and Christian.

In Dresdon, the police said that some 17,500 were present, and in the previous week, 15,000 Germans gathered to protest against Islam in Germany. I did a whole video on this, with clips of the actual protests:


The group is striving and protesting for “the right to preserve and protect our Christian-Jewish dominated West culture” and against the take over of Islam over the Christian culture of Germany. Amazingly, the group only began with 200 people just two months ago. On the first day of December, they had 7,500 people gather together for a protest; 10,000 the week after, and in the subsequent week 15,000, and now its over 17,000.

There is a beautiful photo that came out of Germans carrying up a majestic cross with the colors of the German flag:

Participants hold up their mobile phones during a demonstration called by anti-immigration group PEGIDA in Dresden

The movement is growing and it will continue to grow. Why? Because God is restoring Europe, away from the darkness of multiculturalism, and into the light of Christian supremacy. When I see this photo of the cross in Germany, I am filled with hope, I am filled with aspiration, I am filled with zeal, I am filled with urgency, to join their ranks. We must learn from these patriots. Let us carry crosses in the streets, with people numbering, not in the hundreds, but in the tens of thousands.

Let us cry out Bible verses, let us confront the enemies of righteousness, let us carry high the image of the cross, and let it be seen by all, as a sign that our Faith will be supreme and will be triumphant over the wiles and deceptions of the devil. Let us put the scoffers to shame, let us pierce the bastions of the devil with the blade of the cross, and let us, without any shame, shake the very foundations of this country, and of this world.

It is Christian supremacy that will bring Europe away from the abyss of indifferentism and the disease of tolerance. With hearts throbbing, with zeal burning in our veins, with gallant spirit crying out within our very beings, let us fight all those who wish to replace Christianity with their towers of Babel. Let us shake these very towers and watch them topple.

Let us be Christians, let us be militants, let us be Crusaders. Let us fight, until no more the pagan prayers of the Muslims be heard, until all we shall hear are the cries of Deus Vult! and the prayers of the saints!

These patriotic Germans gathered together to sing Christmas carols, which are really majestic traditional Christian songs, and to triumph Christianity above Islam. They are fighting to prevent the “watering down” of their Christian-rooted culture and traditions. According to one report:

There is a mounting public backlash over what many perceive as the government’s indifference to the growing influence of Islam in German society. This backlash represents a potentially significant turning point.

Despite efforts by German politicians and the media to portray PEGIDA as neo-Nazi, the group has taken great pains to distance itself from Germany’s extreme right. The group says that it is “apolitical” and that its main objective is to preserve what is left of Germany’s Judeo-Christian culture and values.

Our correspondant in Germany Peter Schmidt reported that:

“The Anti-islamisation Movment in Dresden, Germany grew even bigger, the Media is donwlplaying it, first they said it was 10.000, then it was 17.500, but in reality it was more than 25.000 ppl who sang Christian Christmas Carols, we also had a Minute of silence for the 140 murdered Children in Afghanistan just recently, as well as the Victims of the latest terror attack in Dijon, France as well as any other victim of islamic violence! All the Christmas Songs we sang, were Christian songs. before each Sonmg the words of the song were said loud and clear, therefore the Name of the Lord was said and sung from more than 25.000 tongues!!!”

And if these are “neo-Nazi”, perhaps someone will tell us, what are they doing here singing “Silent Night”? Our corespondant Mr. Peter Schmidt sent us video to show the world the truth and to express “we are Christians”: full article and video