End game approaches Putin who has held power for 15 years, is expected to address the economic problems vexing Russia as falling oil prices, a diving ruble and Western sanctions have crippled the country’s economy.while the  US state owned media critices Putin and russia its headlines are quite accurate

Could Russian economic turmoil lead to Putin’s downfall?

Moscow is trying to prevent a currency crisis turning into an economic catastrophe, and finds itself more isolated than at any other point in the last 25 years — due to its actions over Ukraine.

Russia’s slide toward economic crisis and why it matters

Worried that their currency is now worth less, Russians have been exchanging rubles for dollars and stocking up on imported goods. And Russian banks and companies have lost access to Western sources of finance because of sanctions imposed over Ukraine, but still have foreign debts to pay.

Yet in the lead up to Putin’s press conference, Russia Channel 1’s glossy promo doesn’t touch on any of the financial woes facing the world’s ninth largest economy.

The promotion shows scenes of war and triumph at this year’s Winter Olympics in Sochi as the narrator intones in a baritone about “a year of tough decisions” and “long-awaited victories.”

“How it turned out for Russia and its president, he will tell himself.”

A defiant Putin proclaims, “Russia has never changed its orientation.”

Putin still enjoys approval ratings in the high 80s. His popularity surged as Russia backed separatists in east Ukraine and annexed Crimea earlier this year.

But wait a minute this is what CNN have been reporting what do the Russians have up their sleeves and why are they not to worried .What is coming down the pipe and will it only effect russia-you better not believe it.

Russian and Chinese Troops Have Breached the Territorial Integrity of the United States

sThis is a “countdown to Armageddon” scenario. The Putin chess pieces are in place and are only awaiting the orders to begin to enforce martial law, incarcerate dissidents and seize guns. Of course, there will be sheep who will deny that any of this will happen and continue to champion Putin as the savior of the free world. The wisdom of this approach should be self-evident. I fear we do not have long to wait to witness the unfolding of this long anticipated plot