We all know that every government with few exceptions are run by the NWO banksters based in the city of London under lucifer himself.

one wonders if the Iron Dome is a real missile defense system. If so why. Well the world is concentrating on Israel and GAZZA at the moment and not on ISIS murdering butchering christians all over the middle east.

THE NWO is using Israel and Hammas a terrorist organization which Israel admittedly created itself (as an enemy to fight) Many people who worship Israel think printing any news which is not favourable to Israel is anti-semetic. this is insane and burying your head in the sand,. It is also an act of cowardice and refusing to see the truth is Satanic as Jesus said he was the truth all truth comes from christ all lies and self deception comes from the devil.

Yes Israelis are dying and yes Israel is under attack but then again who is in charge of these rockets and why did hammas have this course of action and force its own people to be killed it doesnt make sense.

Except for the braoder picture and Albert Pikes WW3 scenario which the Israeli Government at the highest levels are complicit with. BIBI yahoo is like all world leaders a devil in disguise. Everything is all theater. Many Christians know this but refuse to believe their beloved Israelis complicit when its really obvious.