Riots in southeastern China after brutal police-inspector killed a man with a hammer in broad daylight. People smashed several police cars and were attacked with tear gas.

At least 4 Chengguan, the most hated police-inspectors in China, were beaten to death by angry people in Cangnan County of Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province (located in the industrial southeast), after they killed a man with a hammer. The police-inspectors hit the man with a hammer until he started to vomit blood, because he was trying to take pictures of their violence towards a woman, a street vendor. The man was rushed to hospital, but died on the way.

Thousands of angry people took to the streets, surrounded the police-inspectors in their van, attacked them with stones, bats, and beat them to death. People were shouting that the police-inspectors be killed on the spot for what they did: “Kill them! Kill them!”

These police-inspectors are notoriously violent, are rarely investigated or punished for their crimes, and are terrorizing people making a living. The Chengguan, which are a special combination between regular police and state inspectors, are called “violent government thugs” in China, thousands of them are on the state payroll in at least 656 cities. In July 2013, they beat to death a man and almost killed his wife, for trying to sell watermelon they had grown on their land. The crime of the Chengguan police sparked riots in the province of Guizhou.


It’s not clear what happened, though, but the responsibility for murdering the bystander taking pictures lays with the Chengguan. Among people there circulates a version of the events that claims that the police-inspectors hired some men to beat the bystander up after he tried to film them. The police-inspector ran so he could not be accused of being related to the murder. Apparently these Chengguan police proceed like this every time they meet people attempting to document or stop their violence.

Numerous police troops were deployed to disperse the crowds, but people kept protesting and demanded that media report what happened. Police used tear-gas and fired warning shots in the air, but could not control the angry crowds, which kept growing.

The images are very brutal. The woman lying on the street is the one abused by the Chengguan police. The dead men in the bus and beside it are the Chengguan police.  

man killed by Chengguan april 19 2013Simurder weapon of Chengguan

his man was killed by Chengguan for taking pictures of them abusing a street vendor and this is the hammer with which the Chengguan hit him until he vomited blood. He died on the way to hospital.

similar police violence against workers and street vendors led to at least two insurrections  against the state back in 2011.