President Barack Obama plunged into the crisis in Ukraine last night, warning Russia there would be “costs for any military intervention” and that “any violation of Ukrainian sovereignty would be deeply destabilizing”.

Speaking in an unplanned appearance at the White House, President Obama warned Russia against threatening Ukraine’s territorial integrity via Crimea.

“Any violation of Ukrainian sovereignty would be deeply destabilizing, which is not in the interests of Ukraine, Russia or Europe. It would represent profound interference in the affairs of the Ukrainian people and a violation of international law,” President Obama said last night.

He warned that the situation remains in the region remains “very fluid”.

Earlier a Ukrainian official told a Crimean television channel that 13 planes had landed at a military air base near Simferopol in Crimea, carrying nearly 2,000 suspected troops.

The country’s interim president Oleksandr Turchynov said: “I personally appeal to President Putin to immediately stop military provocation and to withdraw from the Autonomous Republic of Crimea,” describing Russian actions as “naked aggression”.

The Ukrainian foreign ministry said it had officially protested to Moscow over the “violation of Ukraine’s air space” after at least 10 Russian helicopters crossed the border.

Russian troops and armour backed by gunmen in unmarked uniforms fanned out across Crimea yesterday morning, seizing two airports and other key installations in an apparent bid to assert Moscow’s dominance over the region.

Despite “grave” warnings from America not to intervene, soldiers and unidentified armed men deployed on Crimea’s main roads, and occupied key positions within ports and the region’s main television station.

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US Sends Warships To Crimea, Hundreds Of NATO Troops Land In Western Ukraine

“On Tuesday, the Public Chamber of Russia held a hearing on the situation in Ukraine. The event was attended by well-known Russian, Ukrainian experts, government representatives. Bombshell information caused people’s deputy of Ukraine Oleg Tsarev. According to him, began to disembark in Lviv … NATO soldiers. “In March, planned exercise line” Ukraine-Atlantic alliance. ” Until the spring is still far, but hundreds of Western troops have already started landing in Lviv. They say you should prepare for the exercises. There is information that Ukraine moved to the shores of the U.S. Navy warships. The situation is critical … “

In addition, according to Tsarev Lviv began landing of American soldiers. “In March, must undergo exercises with NATO. Contingent of troops on the documents is limited – must arrive before 1000. They already fly on airplanes. Served all that you need time to prepare for the exercise. ” It is known that in the Black Sea water entered amerikaknskih two warships – missile destroyer USS Ramage (DDG-61) and the flagship of the U.S. Sixth Fleet Mount Whitney. Aboard American ships are more than 600 U.S. “sea lions.” Motion vector of American ships suggests that they go to the Black Sea shores of Ukraine. “All this makes the situation in the country is extremely tense,” – noted Oleg Tsarev.”    SOURCE
Part of this information an be verified by DEBKAfile:
“Along with US warnings to Moscow, a high alert was secretly declared Saturday by the US Mediterranean Sixth Fleet. Two US warships which had been deployed in the Black Sea to back up Russian security for the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi – the USS Taylor Frigate and the USS Mount Whitney Blue Ridge-class command ship – have moved over to the western side of the Black Sea opposite Crimea and facing the Russian navy base of Sevastopol.”
As for the reports of NATO putting troops on the ground in Western Ukraine I cannot verify this yet.  And this is the only and original source of that information as far as I can tell.  So when I know more, you will know more on that as well.
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