Kim Kardashian Gets a Very Peculiar Handbag from Kanye West for Christmas

Kim Kardashian Gets a Very Peculiar Handbag from Kanye West for Christmas

Baby North got some nice Christmas presents this year, but mom Kim Kardashianreceived a very special gift as well.

Kanye West didn’t just get Kardashian a regular old Hermes Birkin handbag for Christmas. He turned it into a work of art by having famed painter and sometime collaborator George Condo hand-paint it with nude bodies – one with a demon’s face.

It certainly is one of a kind. A risky gift for one’s fiancée? Perhaps, but Kardashian, 33, seemed happy to receive it – proud enough to post it on Instagram, anyway.

Fans were divided on the present, though, with many finding the painting disturbing. Condo, 56, known for menacing sexual images in much of his artwork, has done jobs for West, 36, before, having painted five different covers for the musician’s 2010 album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

Artist George condo who like Kayne(Cain) west is a sick twisted satanic pervert. Kayne west recently and we can only assume it was for a laugh came out and said on the kardashian talk show hosted by their mother the woman who infamously is allegedly the brains behind the original sex tape kim kardashian made which propelled the family to stardom. Kayne said on her live talk show he was a Christian,  how a bizzare strange looking satanist who glorifies in demonic imagery and satanism could make this claim is ludicrous although with the combined IQ of the millions who watch this talk show garbage not adding to very much he seems to have gotten away with it.

Condo is known for his mockery of god and deviant sickness in his paintings. This includes hybrid sex with demons among others.

here is a few examples of Mr Condos work for kaynes(Cain) Wests album cover entitled TWISTED FANTASY (enough said)

Is this a reference to Jesus Christ the king of kings

Hybrid demonic sexual images


How the artist depicts Kayne(Cain )West himself.

caution swearing forward to 2.02 minutes to hear him say he sold his soul rapping he also mentions the names of angels(fallen angels)

Kims wonderful Baphomet jewelry

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In case you think this is not real lets hear what this lady says about selling her soul.

Snooki Sold Her Soul


hey you didnt mention that in here



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