Nibiru is Approaching?

The “Jesuit Footage” classified “Secretum Omega”

Nibiru is actually approaching earth

More information is coming out now that practically proves that Nibiru/Planet X actually is approaching Earth. Science Fiction? Unfortunately not! Read this story, judge for yourselves.
In the last years an Italian freelance, by the name of Cristoforo Barbato (Naples, 1972), received from an eyewitness many reliable information about the Nibiru/ Planet X return and the activity of a presumed intelligence agency composed by Jesuit priests (whose code name would be S.I.V. “Servizio Informazioni del Vaticano” which in Italian means “Vatican Intelligence Service”). Barbato’s contact is a man who introduced himself as a Vatican insider working by the Holy See as Jesuit.

At the beginning (year 2000) Barbato was very skeptical and suspicious on that self-styled insider, but at a certain point of his contacts, lasted at least for a couple of years. He was able to check his credentials: This man was really a Father belonging to the Jesuit Order and operative in the Vatican City . Of course Cristoforo Barbato has been protecting the identity of his source of information as required by the ethical-professional code of the journalism.

The Italian freelance also demanded a meeting with him, as a necessary condition to carry on the contacts. In spite of the danger the Vatican insider accepted, and I suppose he was aware it was necessary considering his baffling revelations. So two meetings took place in a public space in Rome in 2001. What Barbato learned from him was that inside the S.I.V. there was a group in a minority which disagreed with the policy adopted towards the Planet X problem.

So IMO, the revelation of the “Jesuit Footage” was as the matter of fact the result not just of a simple betrayal of a bond of secrecy, but a breach likewise the Antigone’s morals, but with a much higher risk: the survival of our civilization. Moreover, as proof, in the same year the Vatican insider sent to Barbato a videotape by post, videotape that I have baptized “Jesuit Footage” to draw upon it the public attention: an editing of about 2 minutes regarding observations in the deep space of a planetoid with a thick atmosphere (the presumed Planet X), while it was approaching to the Solar System but still beyond the Neptune’s orbit.

In 1983 IRAS (Infrared Astronomical Satellite) spotted spotted a red dwarf, later named M6V 11825 (Minoris) Shortly after they discovered it was moving towards us fearing public panic they withdrew their statement. List Of The Potentially Hazardous Asteroids (PHAs)

The video – I had the opportunity to watch it many times – shows an introduction of writings of classification on it (one of them is “Secretum Omega”, the highest security clearance in the S.I.V, equivalent to to the NATO CTS, “Cosmic Top Secret”) and would have been carried out by a secret space probe named “Siloe”.

The Vatican deep throat told Barbato that the space probe, ordered by secrecy to the Lockheed Martin and equipped with a sophisticated infrared camera and an electromagnetic impulses propulsion, was assembled in Area 51 (Nevada) and then orbited by an Aurora-type secret hypersonic aircraft in the 1990s; the space probe Silo, always according to the Barbato’s contact, sent the images of the planetoid in October 1995 (after it came back to the border of Solar System to have enough power for an efficacious signal) to a secret radio telescope hidden in an unused oil-refining plant in Alaska , totally managed by some Jesuits belonging to the S.I.V.

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