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  Hal Lindsey
     The Father of Modern Prophecy

Futurism was created by the Jesuits during the counter reformation.

For 230 years  it was not  taught outside of the Catholic church. In

early Victorian England it was unlikely that a protestant would  read

a prophecy book written by a Jesuit for  the Order was held in wide

contempt at that time in Europe. In 1773, it had been disbanded by

the Pope himself for its treachery.


The term Jesuit is synonomous with  terms  like  deceipt, chicanery,

infiltration and intrigue.   Patiently  they managed  to get a foothold

for their counter-interpretation  in England by having a Jesuit named

Lacunza publish this intepretation of Revelation under the name of a

Jewish rabbi, “Ben-Ezra”. Edward Irving and then John Darby got the

teaching into Protestantism.


Futurism was popularized  in 1900  through  a network of Jesuits and

Zionists using an imposter, C.I. Schofield, as a front. Scofield credits

B.F. Westcott on the second page of the introduction of his bible for

his influence.  Westcott  appears to have been  a Jesuit plant within

the Church of England.