There is a storm coming folks! This thing with Syria could very well be the wake up call for many Americans still asleep. It has set off a firestorm from both political parties and is the one thing the American people on both sides are in agreement that we have no business in Syria!

Sen McCain in typical fashion answered this man by being sarcastic, inviting the man to run against him. He boasted his success in 8 elections, mentioning a failed presidential run, that the people of AZ approve of and want him in office. That of course is quickly changing and I will bet he will have a primary challenger. McRINO refused to address some of the points made about Al Qaeda being embedded with the Syrian rebels and wouldn’t acknowledge the charge of treason, which this man cited the actual code 18 USC 2381!

We need to see more Americans standing up to the elitists like this man did and theChristian Syrian woman. We need to put a major streak of fear in them to stop acting drunk with power against the will of Americans!