I call you to form volunteer Russian-Ukrainian army and help the president of Syrian Arabic Republic Bashar Asad to reestablish the constitution order. We have 72 officers in Ukraine. We can easily form a number of subdivisions. These subdivisions will solve the problem of constitution order in Syria. In return to this we ask Syrian government to give us citizenship, to give insurance to our families, and to help us to build houses in that place, where we’ll choose after the end of war. It can be Ukraine, Montenegro, Serbia or any other place. When we return after the end of war we’ll choose our living place. We made today the official statement, sent message to Syrian government, president Asad, Syrian Ambassador in Ukraine and Commander of the Black Sea Fleet of Russian Federation to help us with delivery of volunteers to Syrian Arabic Republic. I call you to do this. I must do something, that you won’t be ashamed of.

, the following excerpt is straight from the Voice of Russia, the Russian government official news website:

Plans are in the works to send a Russian-Ukrainian volunteer corps to Syria to help its leadership with the struggle against the rebels. Several thousand people have already signed up. This came in a statement from the initiator of the volunteer formation, Ukrainian intelligence veteran, Sergey Razumovsky.

“We have literally met with a squall. On all our electronic resources there are requests from people who want to join the corps, mainly from Russia, Belarus, and even Moldova,” Razumovsky says. As for citizens of Ukraine, according to him, they “react with difficulty, so far”.

And, Rrazumovsky adds,

“…in return, the Syrian authorities can grant citizenship to volunteers, provide insurance to their (the volunteers’) families and help them find housing and take up residence after the war.”