A war between coalitions of countries or larger world powers. It can be precipitated by escalation of an armed conflict, local or regional war by way of a significant number of countries from different world regions being effectively involved. In a large-scale war, the warring sides would pursue radical military and political goals. It would require that participating countries mobilize all of their available material resources and moral courage.”

reports in russia are giving a  grim warning   issued  from the office of President Putin  is ordering a “massive military strike” against Saudi Arabia in the event that the West attacks Syria.

According to leaked information  Putin became “enraged” after his early August meeting with Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan who warned that if Russia did not accept the defeat of Syria, Saudi Arabia would unleash Chechen terrorists under their control to cause mass death and chaos during the Winter Olympics scheduled to be held 7-23 February 2014 in Sochi, Russia. Putin was quoted as saying to officials afterwards


In what amounts now to international blackmail, if Russia were to give in and agree now to Prince bandar’s threats it would be seen as an act of cowardice. Mr Putin known for his tough guy image who is ex KGB and was once quoted in a humorous portrayal by a western magazine to be as hard as a coffin nail has had his resolve hardened against the west because of this outrage the conclusion of this saga can only mean one thing now and that is war is now inevitable.

Saudis Threaten Russia With Olympic Terrorist Attacks Unless It Abandons Syria Support

Lebanese newspaper As-Safir confirmed this amazing threat against Russia saying that Prince Bandar pledged to safeguard Russia’s naval base in Syria if the Assad regime is toppled, but he also hinted at Chechen terrorist attacks on Russia’s Winter Olympics in Sochi if there is no accord by stating: “I can give you a guarantee to protect the Winter Olympics next year. The Chechen groups that threaten the security of the games are controlled by us.”

Prince Bandar went on to say that Chechens operating in Syria were a pressure tool that could be switched on an off. “These groups do not scare us. We use them in the face of the Syrian regime but they will have no role in Syria’s political future.”

Foreign Minister Lavrov has previously stated  that Syria is not a bargaining chip in relations with the West and said: “We defend only the things that are in the basis of modern world order – the UN Charter principles and other international legal documents, and we insist on their fulfillment. We do not want and we will not put up with attempts to distort reached agreements, particularly the legally binding ones.”

London’s The Telegraph News Service further reported today that Saudi Arabia has secretly offered Russia a sweeping deal to control the global oil market and safeguardRussia’s gas contracts, if the Kremlin backs away from the Assad regime in Syria, an offer Putin replied to by saying “Our stance on Assad will never change. We believe that the Syrian regime is the best speaker on behalf of the Syrian people, and not those liver eaters” [Putin said referring to footage showing a Jihadist rebel eating the heart and liver of a Syrian soldier HERE], and which Prince Bandar in turn warned that there can be “no escape from the military option” if Russia declines the olive branch.

the Federal Security Services (FSB) confirmed the validity of the released hacked emails of the British based defence company, Britam Defence that stunningly warned the Obama regime was preparing to unleash a series of attacks against both Syria and Iran in a move Russian intelligence experts warned could very well cause World War III.

Britam Defence, one of the largest private mercenary forces in the world, was the target of a “massive hack” of its computer files by an“unknown state sponsored entity” this past January who then released a number of critical emails between its top two executives, founder Philip Doughty and his Business Development Director David Goulding.

The two most concerning emails between Doughty and Goulding, this report says, states that the Obama regime has approved a “false flag” attack in Syria using chemical weapons, and that Britam has been approved to participate in the West’s warn on Iran, and as we can read:

Email 1: Phil, We’ve got a new offer. It’s about Syria again. Qataris propose an attractive deal and swear that the idea is approved by Washington. We’ll have to deliver a CW (chemical weapon) to Homs (Syria), a Soviet origin g-shell from Libya similar to those that Assad should have. They want us to deploy our Ukrainian personnel that should speak Russian and make a video record. Frankly, I don’t think it’s a good idea but the sums proposed are enormous. Your opinion?  Kind regards David

Email 2: Phil, Please see attached details of preparatory measures concerning the Iranian issue. Participation of Britam in the operation is confirmed by the Saudis.

With the events now spiraling out of control in Syria, and London’s Independent News Service now reporting that Prince Bandar is “pushing for war,” Russian foreign ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich further warned the West today by stating, “Attempts to bypass the Security Council, once again to create artificial groundless excuses for a military intervention in the region are fraught with new suffering in Syria and catastrophic consequences for other countries of the Middle East and North Africa.”

Heedless of Russian warnings which have fallen on deaf ears, however, British Prime Minister David Cameron this morning recalled the British Parliament to vote on attacking Syria as the Obama regime abruptly cancelled their meeting with Russia scheduled for tomorrow on finding a path to peace for Syria, and the West begins its plans to attack the Syrian nation “within days.”

As Syria itself has warned that should it be attacked by the West there will be “global chaos,” the Western peoples themselves have not been told of the fact that on 17 May 2013, Putin ordered Russian military forces to “immediately move” from Local War to Regional War operational status and to be “fully prepared” to expand to Large-Scale War should either the US or EU enter into the Syrian Civil War, a situation they are still in at this very hour.

this new ordering of massive retaliatory strikes against Saudi Arabia, means any attack on Syria is viewed by Russia as being an attack on itself.

Why Syria? It’s not what you think and it’s not what you’ve been told.

The fight over Syria, being led by Saudi Arabia and Qatar and their lap-dog Western allies, has but one single objective: To break Russia’s hold on the European Union natural gas market which a pipeline through Syria would accomplish, and as reported by London’s Financial Times News Service this past June:

“The tiny gas-rich state of Qatar has spent as much as $3bn over the past two years supporting the rebellion in Syria, far exceeding any other government, but is now being nudged aside by Saudi Arabia as the prime source of arms to rebels.

The cost of Qatar’s intervention, its latest push to back an Arab revolt, amounts to a fraction of its international investment portfolio. But its financial support for the revolution that has turned into a vicious civil war dramatically overshadows western backing for the opposition.

Qatar [also] has proposed a gas pipeline from the Gulf to Turkey in a sign the emirate is considering a further expansion of exports from the world’s biggest gasfield after it finishes an ambitious programme to more than double its capacity to produce liquefied natural gas (LNG).”


And in what is, perhaps, the most unimaginable cause to start World War III over Syria was noted by Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman, Aleksandr Lukashevich on the new allegations of chemical weapon’s attacks  said this past week: “We’re getting more new evidence that this criminal act was of a provocative nature,” he stressed. “In particular, there are reports circulating on the Internet, in particular that the materials of the incident and accusations against government troops had been posted for several hours before the so-called attack. Thus, it was a pre-planned action.”

For the West to have so sloppily engineered yet another “false flag” attack to justify a war where they posted the videos of this so-called chemical weapons attack a full day before it was said to occur is the height of arrogance and disdain, but which their sleep-walking citizens, yet again, will fall for as they have done so many times in the past.

Russia threatens to bomb Qatar and Saudi Arabia

A senior source in the Russian Air Force told to Moscow website Telegrafistthat Russia had plans to bomb Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

He claims that the combat mission can be done by a unit of Su-27s, as well as by modern bombers Su-34s with extra fuel tanks, accompanied by the Su-27s.


“Today, the situation is such that even in case if the Su-34s do not have enough fuel to get out of Iran’s airspace on return flight, they will be able to land right there”, he said – “a combat radius of the Su-27s allows fly to the capital of Qatar and Saudi Arabia and return, the Su-34s do not have such radius”.

On the question when and why these plans developed, the Russian Air Force officer replied:

“Saudi Arabia is a key US ally in the region, not Israel, as many suggest, namely the regime of King Abdullah who is willing to get involved where you want to please his masters, so of course the Soviet Union was preparing plans for the destruction of this regime because without it – Saudi Arabia will no longer be an integral state and Washington will get hordes of barbarians who destroy their bases by using the same US military hardware”.

The Russians also claimed they needed no more than 24 hours for the entire operation to destroy the ruling circles of the two monarchies from the air.

about this article


many people are saying the information on this story is actually dis-information when in fact it is extremely well researched. They are dismissing the article because they believe it is from a  gov source without actually reading the story or thinking of the logical conclusions of actual events and the outcome . If that is the case them the new york times and every publication is suspect because they all the editors are hand picked and only allowed to give out certain information. much of which is slanted to certain audiences to give them particular worldviews or reinforce the world view without getting to the root of the problems or how to sort them out.  If and when WW3 breaks out Russia will attack the Saudi’s to defend syria and strike a decisive blow against the west.  this is the logical conclusion. If you doubt this is all about oil and gas and influence as well then you are mistaken i suggest you read the update by V on this website which originated at steve quayle’s site. Sorcha faal may be wack jobs when it comes to their religious affiliation but the news many times not only has been spot on but highly prophetic.  All information must be sourced and this article is heavily. Russia is totally pissed at the west and Prince Bandar has signed his own death Warrant by threatening Russia with terrorist attacks as reported on infowars.com. All the information in this story can lead us to one conclusion now the powers have decided on war this year over syria. Once it happens within a few weeks it will go Global.  Alex Jones: “There Are Russian Troops Now Piling Off Ships Into Syria”   luckily intelligence report’s say obama and Cameron are backing down at this time but are still making the Russian’s nervous with their show of strength who themselves  have other allies to protect The War on Iran Begins…in Syria  The saudis must be neutralized. If they kill the Ruling royal families then those countries will erupt in chaos as the different factions revolt and take it upon themselves to seek to become dominant in the region. Russia and its ally Iran can and will attack American targets there perhaps by proxy and drive them out. This will pave the way for a new government and its new protectors whoever is the big winner in the region.

Do not disregard this story Russia has been threatened and anyone who thinks they are not going to flex their muscles against this pip squeak nation  wipe out  this london Backed dynasty  has another thing coming.



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