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Radio Tataouine has revealed information about the fall of a meteorite on Sunday, Sept. 15, 2013 at around 20.15, in southern Tunisia at the town of Remada (Tataouine governorate). The locality was visited by Marzouki [editor: the interim President of Tunesia] a few days ago!

It happened shortly after 8 pm, when the deafening noise of three explosions rocked the entire region, which lies at the heart of a military buffer area created by the army.

Residents who feared the worst, given the magnitude of the explosions, were somewhat appeased by the intervention of the armed groups and the national guard who rushed to the scene of the impact and stated that it was actually a fall from a celestial body in this uninhabited area.

There is certainly a lot going on in this declared closed area!  source

Sick Of All The Lies? ISON, Volcanoes, Extreme Drought! What’s The Truth?


According to this newly released compilation video from Jason A and testimony within this video from the Reverend Michelle Hopkins on the Hagmann and Hagmann Report, the Earth is already being pelted with debris associated with Comet ISON. With ISON still out beyond the planet Mars, is THIS what we have to look forward to in the coming months and is NASA busy preparing for ISON as is argued in this video?

Comet ISON Debris Hitting Earth Now (NASA Preparing)


How Many Fireballs… How many comets? Come On People… Use Your Brains!



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