A door-to-door solicitor apparently got a little too aggressive for one potential customer Saturday afternoon in Santa Ynez. Police arrested 26-year old Charles Parkin after the homeowner called authorities and said he wouldn’t leave her property.

Over the past few weeks, officers there say they’ve received several calls regarding unusually aggressive salesmen.

KSBY was also told by the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office that people in Lompoc have reported solicitors insisting they are raising money for the local school district, which they are not. That has officers, school administrators and the public on alert.

Police say before you donate or buy from a door-to-door solicitor, you should know where the money is going and who they are working for.

According to the Sheriff’s Office, solicitors must also carry a business license from the city in which they’re selling.

They add, with the beginning of school right around the corner, individuals may see it as an opportunity to prey on the good will of the community.

We spoke with Santa Ynez Union High School District Superintendent on Monday, and he says they would never hire a third party to raise money for the district. He encourages anyone who gets this type of solicitation to call the district immediately to verify their affiliation.

“Looking at all the things that have happened across the country with natural disasters, or even preying on the elderly, nothing really is sacred anymore,” said Superintendent Scott Cory. “If there is some kind of a wedge in the community where money can be raised, sadly people are taking advantage of that.”

Police say solicitors can be very charming, persuasive and convincing. They say never give any personal information and do not let them in your home.

In Parkin’s case, investigators did not say that he was misrepresenting himself; however, they say he was operating as a solicitor in the city of Solvang without the proper permit. Parkin faces a charge of trespassing. video